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Current      Published: Sat, Aug 18, 2018 4:53 am

Weekend School

Mission and Vision

With the will of Allah, AWIS mission is to offer a safe and enriching Islamic educational environment in which our children could learn and grow spiritually and intellectually and become God conscious, productive, and responsible members of our community and our global society at large. 

God willing, AWIS vision is to grow this school to a full Islamic school with high and fine academic standards while promoting Islamic morals and values to provide a strong foundation to next generations of Muslims. Our children are our future and our hereafter. Let us all together invest in this priceless asset.

School Times

AWIS operations follow Carlisle public school operations except for extra-curricular programs. (i.e. AWIS starts, takes breaks, and ends semesters in parallel with Carlisle public schools except for summer program.)